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With your favorite horses, trainers or jockeys

You can track a Horse, Jockey or Trainer, or all together.
All horses you wish to follow.
You can also filter when a horse run on a course or a distance.

Three push notifications with each alert:

  • When they are declared to run (prior to the race day)
  • 1 hour from race-off (just about), with best odds bookmaker
  • Result of your favorite, with SP

Horse races tracker UK & IRE

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All information about horse racing cards:

  • Race name
  • Distance
  • Going
  • Age
  • Runners
  • Horse
  • Form
  • Jockey
  • Trainner
  • Weight
  • Days sice last run

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You can see best odds for each horse. You will receive the best odd of your favorite horse or jockey with the notification, and SP when race finish.
With direct access to place bet.

Odds comparison

Yours Alerts
Horse, Jockey, Trainer, Course and Distance:

Set your favorite horses, trainers and jockeys and receive push notifications. Optional filter, when run in a course or distance range.
3 notifications. When declared and 1hr from race-off, and result